Tuesday 17 April 2018

BFFA Competition at Burrator on Saturday 14th April 2018

Eleven members fished the competition starting at 10am with a weigh-in at 3pm.  There was a south to southeast breeze blowing all day.  Honorary bailiff and BFFA member Al Lawson fished the south side of Longstone and later the end of the peninsular.  He won the competition with a five fish bag weight of just over 8lb.  His best fish was a rainbow of 2lb 12oz, the other four were all blues.  All taken, I think, on a damsel nymph. It was very nice to see Burrator Fly Fishers only family members there.  The Hampton team fished mostly at the end of the Longstone Peninsula.  Sadly, none of them reported any fish landed.  There were several nil returns from other members.

Here are the results:
Alan Lawson        5 fish for 8lb including a 2lb 12oz rainbow that was best fish of the day.
Tony Hooper        1 blue at 1lb 2oz
Terry Denley        2 blues for 3lb
Peter Macconnell  1 rainbow at 1lb 5oz
Mark Garbutt        1 rainbow at 1lb 8oz
Stuart Payne, Anthony Waldren, Tony Vallack, Mark, Ben & Magnus Hampton put in nil returns.

Tony Hooper on the south side of Longstone

Al Lawson into one of his fish

Alan had the best fish of the day - a 2lb 12oz rainbow

Tony Vallack on the end of Longstone

Magnus & Mark Hampton

Tony Hooper again

Mark, Tony & Peter stop for a Kelly Kettle brew

Al Lawson's winning bag of 4 blues and a rainbow

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