Monday 19 May 2014

Burrator Club Competition Saturday 17th May - A lovely day for it.

John Jeffrey wading and fishing in bright sunshine
The weather on Saturday 17th May was more suitable for a day at the beach than one of fly fishing but, nevertheless, nine members turned out and for the most part caught some nice trout. John Jeffrey was the first member on the bank followed shortly by Peter Macconnell. They found the sun already bright, the sky blue, hardly a cloud in sight, and not a breath of wind. This was the state of affairs for the first three hours or so and, unsurprisingly, no fish were caught. Around late morning the wind got up from the south -east and a ripple appeared on the water, as can be seen by the above picture of John fishing on the Longstone Peninsula. This seemed to make the trout a little bolder and soon fish were showing on the top and rods were bending. Senior member Ken Hindley was the first to net a fish, followed by Terry Denley, Peter Macconnell and Mike Duckett.

Nine members turned out for all or part of the day. From the information I have the catches were as follows:
Ken Hindley with four fish for 7lb 0oz.
Pat Power with three fish for 5lb 1oz.
Peter Macconnell with two fish for 4lb 10oz.
Terry Denley with two fish for 3lb 6oz.
Tony Hooper with two fish for 2lb 8oz
Mike Duckett with two fish for 2lb 6oz.
John Jeffrey with one fish for 1lb 7oz.

Here are a few more pictures:

Mike wading deep

Mike's fish

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