Thursday 12 September 2013

When will this difficult summer end?

Since our last posting events at Burrator have taken a very different turn. We have suffered with a lack of catchable fish and a remarkable lack of water. The picture below was taken in early August, and if you compare it with the picture at the top of this site (taken in May 2013 from the boat), you can see how much the level had fallen in just over two months. Since that time it has fallen still further and the pictures below  show the water level in the second week in September.

Burrator in August

Burrator in  early September 1

Burrator in early September 2

Alongside these drastic falls in water level had come the very warm and bright weather leading to very high water temperatures. So, despite SWLT continuing to stock the water on a regular basis the number of fish caught had fallen to very low numbers. Kit Hancock, the Countryside Warden for Burrator, reported that Kennick and Siblyback were in similar condition with, during a week in August, only one fish reported caught from Kennick and none from Burrator. Fishing was more or less at a standstill. During the last week of August the Siblyback Warden reported nine angler visits leading to a mere six fish being caught. Our own Tony McCoy had a day there on 5th September when, despite taking out a boat, had no fish and no takes. Let's hope things improve soon.

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