Friday 1 March 2013

2013 to see Boats at Burrator - A club exclusive

The Wheelie Boat at Burrator - Rowing Boat to follow soon

We are pleased to announce that following discussion between ourselves, the Burrator Fly Fishers, and South West Lakes Trust, a decision has been taken to have a couple of boats on Burrator for the 2013 season. These boats will be, firstly, an ordinary 13-14 foot boat as used at Kennick and Siblyback and, secondly, a wheelie boat for use by anglers with significant disability such that they cannot easily access either the bank fishing or an ordinary boat.

This initiative comes about following representations made by the Burrator Fly Fishers and others who have, for some time, pointed out how limited the bank fishing access at Burrator is, especially when water levels are high as they were for almost all of 2012. Additionally, water levels notwithstanding, there are areas of Burrator that are too rocky to safely walk and wade, have soft mud which is too difficult to walk through, and have no room for backcasts. We have been aware that SWLT staff have been sympathetic to the difficulties of Burrator anglers and wanted to be helpful. They have now come forward with this proposal for some boat access and we are strongly supportive of it. It seems that in the past the main sticking points for SWLT have been the cost of caring for and booking the boats when there is no full-time ranger on site at Burrator, as well as some health & safety considerations. The proposed way around these issues is for Burrator Fly Fishers to deal with bookings and look after the boats, and for them, in the first instance, to be available only to club members Our understanding is that 2013 will be an experimental season to see how this all works out.

Matters remain to be finalised between SWLT and the club but, in outline, the use of the boats will be managed as follows:
  • Membership of the Burrator Fly Fishers will be a prerequisite for being able to book a boat. Applications for membership will be available from the Club and from SWLT. The annual subscription is currently £12.50. This will not apply to acompanied juniors.
  • Boats will be booked and permits issued by a nominated Burrator Fly Fishers member or their substitute. In the first instance this will be the Chairman Peter Macconnell, whose contact details are on this site and will be circulated by SWLT.
  • When only one boat is being used there must, for health & safety reasons, be two persons in it.
  • Juniors (under 18yrs) must be with an adult.
  • The Club will issue and receive payment for the boat permit. Permits to fish will need to be purchased in the usual way. The club will remit all payments to SWLT on a monthly basis (at minimum). No financial benefit will accrue to the club.
  • Oars, anchors and bouyancy aids will be provided. Bouyancy aids, either the ones provided or the angler's own, must be worn when in the boat.
  • Electric outboard motors will be allowed but not petrol motors.
  • SWLT will have the final decision, on any particular day, about whether conditions are safe for the boats to be used. For example boats cannot be used when water levels are very high and the dam is overflowing.
  • Boats must be treated with care and rubbish removed after use. This is especially important to protect wildlife. The Club will clean and check the boats on a regular basis.

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