Sunday 27 April 2014

Wise Boat Seat and some recent home tied flies

I have been thinking of buying a boat seat for some time having made my own last year. They make a big difference in terms of fishing comfort. However my botched up seat made from an old helm seat and some marine ply, whilst comfortable, took an age to fit to the boat, and going through this fitting process whilst having to listen to my regular boat partner, our venerable chairman Peter's helpful remarks on my workmanship led me to look for a professionally built replacement. The other reason was that when Peter and I were in Scotland last year the seat started to break and was in danger of tipping me into the water! I spent ages researching different seats, I decided I didn't want a traditional thwart seat as these position you quite high up creating a high centre of gravity which some say is dangerous in rough weather. The Airflo TDL seat seemed to be the best bet as it came highly recommended is quick to fit and safe. The only downside is the price, at £129.99, the best price I could find online at Fishtec it seemed pretty expensive. I had assumed online would be the cheapest option however last time I was in Exeter angling I asked if they had any seats and they showed the seat in the picture.

Though this looks identical to the Airflo TDL seat, its actually made by an American company called Wise and it was priced at £99.99, they gave me a further £10 off so at £89.99 it was too good to miss and I bought it. On closer examination I am sure it's the same seat as the Airflo one, it has a ratchet strap system to attach it to the boats thwart quickly and safely and looks well made. I have yet to try it out but I think this was a bargain. I only saw one on these on the shop floor, so if you fancy one of these give Exeter Angling a ring first.

 Below are a few flies I have tied recently.Not a great photo but clockwise from the top are my version of a cul-de-canyard sedge, a silver invicta, a traditional invicta, two cripplers and two dabblers. The Crippler is a fly that was invented by a chap called Ron Denson. His site here  is excellent and I have been trying to copy his patterns with mixed success. A lot of them involve Golden Pheasant body feathers which was a new material to me and is a bit tricky to use. I think I am starting to get the hang of it, though my versions of his flies are nowhere as good as his.


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