Friday 18 April 2014

A Nice Brownie from Longstone

Thursday 17th April 2014

I drove first around the reservoir before deciding where to fish.  I was pleased to meet Kit, the SW Lakes Trust warden, at the recently opened anglers' ticket hut and introduce myself.  Over at Longstone I was easily able to drive my mother-in-law's small Kia Picanto in through the gate and over the rutted ground left by the tree-felling contractors.  A little while later Pat and then Mark arrived.  They both fished around the point area while I stayed at the trough.

I saw very few trout on the surface but had quite a few unconnected plucks and tugs using a slow sinker and various flies - Montana, Diawl Bach, booby etc.  In the afternoon the light breeze increased and went around more northerly bringing cloud cover and an unwelcome drop in temperature.  I landed three rainbows - biggest about 1lb 12oz - and a lovely surprise brownie of around 2lbs on the orange booby.  After a quick photo it swam off strongly.

I was glad to have the use of my Kelly Kettle to produce four very welcome brews during the day - a great piece of gear.

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