Monday 26 February 2018

BFFA Competition held at Innis Fishery on 22 February 2018

Although we enjoyed a sunny day at Innis Fishery, near St Austell there was a cold SE wind blowing along Carbis Lake where we all fished.  The air temperature was 7C and the water was the same at 7C.  Eleven club members took part in the competition with varying degrees of success!

David had three trout including a thin one which had probably over-wintered in the lake. I had one of 3lb 3oz which proved to be the biggest fish of the day plus another of just over 2lb.  Bill and Bob also had two fish each while TonyV and Kelvin had one each.  Five of us put in a nil return.

The result means that John Bright is still in the lead for the Travellers Trophy with his 3lb 4.5oz trout from Tavistock in January.  Although Carbis Lake is stocked with Brown Trout, Blue Trout and Rainbows, all the trout landed were Rainbows.

Here are the results for Innis:-
Tony Hooper 3lb 3oz & 2lb 2oz,  David Lye 1lb 13oz, 1lb 12oz & 1lb 6oz,  Bob Eccles 2lb & 1lb 8oz,  Bill Watson 2lb 2oz & 1lb 13oz,  Tony Vallack 1lb 13oz and Kelvin Nikulin 2lb 2oz.   
Peter, Pat, John, Linda & Mike put in nil returns

John discussing tactics with TonyV. Mike is fishing farther along the bank.

 Bill had two fish from the west bank.

Kelvin nets a trout for David.

David looking very pleased with his first fish of the day.  Linda joining us on the east bank.

Bob, John, Linda & Mike on Carbis Lake.  Bob into a fish.

David lands another one.

Kelvin nets one.

Peter & Kelvin.

TonyH on the east bank of Carbis.

Sterrick Lake had been drained to enable removal of weed.

Bob on the west bank of Carbis Lake.