Thursday 3 April 2014

Sunday 30 March 2014

I went to Burrator on Sunday 30th March for my first fishing trip of 2014.  Although beautifully warm in the sun there was a cold, gusty
south easterly blowing which seemed to affect every shore except the very tip of Longstone Point.  Unfortunately, it being a Sunday, the area in front of the granite bench was occupied all day by picnic-ers.  The water level was up over the sills on the dam and even wading out a little way, the backcasting was quite testing as my depleted fly box reveals!  

The tree-fellers were not working but I would like to have asked them to take down more of the trees along the waters edge while they were virtually clear felling the rest of Longstone including lots of beech.  I did have one rainbow on a black & yellow Montana fished deep but otherwise saw nothing moving at all. Two other anglers I spoke to blanked.

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