Saturday 22 February 2014

February Competition at Newhouse

'Tarpon Tony' poses with the best fish of the day - 4lb 7oz
New member Kelvin Nikulin plays a lively rainbow
A small but select group of members turned out -
Mike Duckett, Mark Clark, Tony Vallack, Peter Macconnell and Kelvin Nikulin
Tony's winning bag - three rainbows for exactly 9lbs
Peter with an unusual catch (and release) - a carp of about 2 lbs caught on a Kate McLaren
Tony plays his fish in cold and windy conditions
Peter keeps warm in the fishing hut
The weather forecast for Thursday 20th February predicted a bright sunny day, with brisk winds and occasional showers. Mercifully the showers were few and far between. Nevertheless it was still a day for wrapping up warm. Surprisingly only five members turned out for what proved to be an excellent and enjoyable day's fly fishing at what must now rank as one of the best small trout fisheries in the area. Despite much rain in previous days, and the consequent agricultural run-off, the water was quite clear and fish could be seen moving near the surface. We fished short 'office hours' 10.00am to 4.00pm, and all of us caught our three fish limits as well as having many other takes from  fish that threw the fly. All the fish were caught on floating lines or slow intermediates. Additionally Peter had a fourth fish which was returned alive; a carp of about two pounds fairly taken on a traditional wet fly. 

The competition results were:
Tony Vallack - three fish for 9lb 0oz.
Mark Clark - three fish for 6lb 8oz.
Kelvin Nikulin - three fish for 5lb 13oz.
Mike Duckett - three fish for 5lb 7oz.
Peter Macconnell - three fish for 4lb 12oz. (carp not counted).

Friday 14 February 2014

February Fly Tying Evening

As far as we know a fly tying evening is an innovation for the club. It was suggested, somewhat indirectly, by new member George Whortelhock, at the AGM, when he asked if anyone could help him start to tie his own flies. This brought an immediate and enthusiastic response from several members, so it was agreed that our February meeting would be a 'fly tying special'. 

It must be said that none of our members claim to be experts at the vice; but mere amateurs who add a little extra to their fly fishing experiences by catching fish using home tied flies. In  the event the evening was very enjoyable as can be seen from the following pictures taken by Tony Vallack. Let's hope we can do it again.

George at the vice - It was his idea
Del, Peter and Mark - A picture of concentration
Jack and Mike sorting out materials
Peter gives it a go,  while Linda get tips from Mark
Pat shows John how to tie his version the Damsel Fly