Saturday 19 April 2014

Fishing into the wind - key to success at the moment

The wind diagonally in towards the bank (sometimes it was a bit more gusty than this)
On Wednesday I had no difficulty in catching my five fish limit from the bank in addition to having a brownie of about three quarters of a pound which I released. The trick seemed to be to fish into the wind and to retrieve quite quickly. I fished from about 10.00am to 4.00pm and hooked a number of other fish than those I landed. It was quite clear that the fish were actively feeding just below the surface where food was being blown into the bank. My efforts to fish on the other side of the peninsula, and on the point,  with the wind behind me, meant easier casting but almost no takes. The sacrifice of distance, the effort required to point the rod down on the forward cast, and  to push the light (WF6F) fly line into the wind really was worthwhile. The weather was bright but still a bit chilly and the wind south-easterly. I fished the same cast all day; a Size 10 Invicta on the point and size twelve Cruncher on the dropper.

Five caught on the Invicta

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