Friday 23 January 2015

January 2015 Competition at Bake Lakes

A winner once again - Pat with his 5lb 9oz rainbow

The first competition of 2015 was held on Saturday 18th January at what remains our most frequently used winter venue. As usual the winner would be the angler whose first two fish weighed the most.

It was a cold day, not so cold as it has been lately, but still chilly enough to call for the ‘thermals’. Though two members had invested in winter camouflage suits and, in the view of all present, impressed with their sartorial good taste as well as their ability to keep warm. Seven members preferred a touch of the outdoors to a Saturday afternoon in front of the television or shopping with their better-halves. They were Tony Vallack, Mike Duckett, George Wortelhock, David Lye, Peter Phillips, Peter Macconnell, and Pat Power who was to prove, yet again, his uncanny knack for catching the better fish and so making off with yet another prize.

Peter in his spendid new 'Cammo' and Mike in plain old olive drab

Of the twelve fish caught most were found high up in the water and, as far as I know,  all but one were caught on floating lines. Damsel Nymphs, Nomads, and similar tyings on longshank hooks seemed to be the most effective flies. Takes were often gentle and retrieves quite slow.

In  the end all but one of us caught fish and Pat, once again, was the winner with two rainbows for 8lb 8oz, including a best fish of 5lb 9oz. Peter Macconnell was a fair way behind in second place with two fish for exactly 5lbs, and Mike Duckett was third with a total of 4lb 15oz.

Many thanks go to Tony Vallack who provided, yet again, lunchtime hot dogs in the fishing hut.

Here are some more pictures:

Net at the ready

David and Pat at Tony's 'Cafe'

Wednesday 14 January 2015

2015 Meeting and Competition Dates

Meetings (all at Derriford Travelodge starting at 7.30pm)
Monday 9th February
Monday 9th March
Monday 13th April
Monday 11th May
Monday 8th June
Monday 13th July
No meeting in August
Monday 14th September
Monday 12th October
Monday 9th November
Monday 14th December – Xmas Meal at the Jack Rabbit

Saturday 17th January – Bake Lakes
Wednesday 25th February – Newhouse Fishery (note provisional change of date)
Saturday 14th March – Burrator
Tuesday 21st April – Bake Lakes
Saturday 23rd May – Burrator – Three Fly Competition (Please not change to original date and venue)
Wednesday 17th June – Burrator (Please note change to original date)
Saturday 25th July – Burrator
No August Competition
Friday 18th September – Burrator
Saturday 24th October – Newhouse Fishery
Friday 13th November –  Burrator
Saturday 12th December – Xmas Competition - Venue yet to be decided

2015 AGM Minutes

Burrator Fly Fishers’ Annual General Meeting Monday 12th January 2015
At the Travelodge, Derriford.

Present: Peter Macconnell (Chairman), Linda James (Secretary), Tony McCoy (Treasurer), John Jeffreys, Pat Power, David Lye, Terry Denley, Chris Reed, Graham Broach, Tom Turner, Ken Hindley, Tony Vallack, Peter Phillips, Bob Prout, Roy Kane, George Wortelhock, Kelvin Nikulin.

Apologies: Mark Clark, Tony Hooper, Mike Duckett

Treasurer’s Report – Tony McCoy provided copies of the final accounts as at 31st December 2014, which showed that we had a closing balance of £228.41. Tony said that there was no need for an increase in the annual subscription from its current level of £12.50 pa. This was agreed by the members present.

Chairman’s Report – Peter Macconnell reported that the boats had been used more in 2014 and that as far as he knew the arrangement would continue for 2015. There was some puzzlement that they had not been removed at the end of the season as agreed in our contract. However, they were being cleaned and bailed by SWLT staff so that responsibility did not fall to us. Peter agreed that we need to have our annual ‘sorting out’ meeting with SWLT before the season proper starts in mid – March. He will write to ask them for a date and to propose an agenda based on member’s concerns.

Monthly Meetings and Competitions – Tony Vallack and Mike Duckett had worked out a provisional programme for 2014. This was discussed in detail and modified slightly. It will be published on the website/blog. It is known that the future of Bake and Newhouse is uncertain and it may be that the events planned for those venues will need to be revised. Due to family ill health Mike will not be able to continue in the role of raffle and competition organiser. Tony Vallack volunteered to take it on alone. This was agreed.

Election of Officers –Peter agreed to continue as chairman for one more year, but Linda and Tony wished to stand down. This had been discussed at a previous meeting where Tony Hooper and David Lye had offered themselves for the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s roles respectively. There being no other applicants Peter, Tony H and David were unanimously elected. Linda and Tony M were thanked for their work over recent years and appreciation was shown by all those present.

Burrator Prices for 2015– SWLT have produced their price structure for this year. It can be seen online HERE. In due course there will be the usual printed booklet. All the information relevant to us will be posted on the website/blog. A majority of members present felt that SWLT had an inconsistent approach to the cost of concession permits. It was resolved to raise this matter with them.

Bank clearance in early March 2015 – Volunteers were needed to clear some swims sometime in the first two weeks of March. There were eight volunteers.

Hydro-electric scheme at Burrator Dam – South West Water are planning to develop a small scheme in 2015. It will capture the overflow water from the Dam and use it to run a turbine. The Chairman has received some details about this and an assurance that it will not affect either the water conditions or the fishing in the reservoir itself. On the face of it there seems no reason why it should affect us, but we can only watch and wait at this stage.

Constitution Changes - As provisionally agreed at last years AGM the Club Constitution will be altered in two respects from 2015 onwards. Firstly, There will be an upper limit on the length of time any member can serve in a particular officer role with the club. Secondly, New membership applicant will now be directed to the Treasurer in the first instance, not the Secretary as was the case previously.

Any other business
1.     Concern was expressed about the comparative absence in 2014 of Honorary Bailiffs checking permits and watching out for poachers.
2.     Concern was expressed about the presence of cormorants at Burrator. It was suggested that SWLT be asked about compensatory stocking amongst other possible measures.

It was agreed that both these matters would be raised with SWLT.

The meeting ended at 9.30pm 

Thursday 8 January 2015

2015 Annual General Meeting - Monday 12th January at 7.30pm

Nice Trousers Tony!

Next Monday is the Burrator Fly Fishers' AGM. It is at our usual venue, the meeting room at Derriford Travelodge, and starts at 7.30pm. Set out below is a provisional Agenda, but if you have any other items please let me know as soon as possible. It would probably be best to telephone me on 01752 560538 or to email me at

Provisional Agenda

  1. Minutes of the last AGM and any matters arising.
  2. Annual Reports from Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
  3. Election/Re-election of Officers - Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer (see below for further details).
  4. Programme of Fishing Competitions/Days Out for 2015
  5. Agree dates for Club Meetings in 2015
  6. Information from and communication with South-West Lakes Trust in 2015, including proposed Meavy hydro-electric scheme and continued use of boats.
  7. Bank clearance day March 2015 - volunteers needed.
Please note that the Chairman, Peter Macconnell is willing to continue for another year but will stand aside if another member is keen to have a go. The Treasurer, Tony McCoy and the Secretary, Linda James have both indicated that they wish to step down at this AGM. We have two volunteers, so far, to take on those roles; new members Tony Hooper is willing to stand as Secretary and David Lye similarly for the role of Treasurer. No other names have been put forward at this stage.

Please make every effort to be there and to get the 2015 fishing year off to a flying start.