Saturday 23 July 2016

Burrator Boat Thursday 14th July 2016

Most of the shore anglers are members of the BFFA

Fishing the northern, shallower end of Burrator

The anglers only area at Longstone

Peter & I lunched at Longstone

Peter with one of several brownies

Ashore for an afternoon brew
The water level was quite low

Peter & I took the boat out at Burrator on a day of sunshine with only a gentle breeze.  Several other BFFA members were fishing at Longstone and we also met an ex-colleague of Peter's when we went ashore for lunch.

The water level was low and fishing at the top end we had to be careful not to run onto the odd big boulder or stony bank just under the surface.  We saw very little surface activity all day but did boat four rainbows and one blue as well as several beautifully marked brown trout.

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