Saturday 2 July 2016

BFFA Competition & BBQ at Burrator on Saturday 25th June 2016

Eight members of the club arrived at Longstone to fish the June competition.  The weather forecasters were giving a few showers with a cool north westerly breeze and some sunshine.  I took the water temperature which was about 16C.  The air temperature was a little less and had dropped farther by the evening.

We all fished around Longstone and as usual the wind was from the right along the south facing shore making right-handed casting tricky on that side.  Bob fished near the point and used a floating line with two buzzers.  He allowed the line to drift across in front of him in the breeze slowly taking the buzzers along.  He successfully netted two brownies for 2lb 5oz - both returned - and five rainbows for 5lb.

The rest of us were less successful: Myself - nil, Linda - nil, Terry - nil, Peter - 1 rainbow for 1lb 5oz, TonyV - 1 blue for 1lb 13oz, Pat - 1 blue for 1lb 1oz and I don't know what Ken landed.

After the weigh-in at 3pm we assembled near the Longstone Manor for a BBQ.  We were joined by Jenny & Ziggy the spaniel,  Gill & Honey the retriever and Sue who brought some of the food.

The dropping air temperature and northerly breeze was quite a bit colder than the water in the reservoir which is never good for trout fishing. (Except for Bob, of course!)

Two of Tesco's finest picnic bbq trays were lit and within an hour we were enjoying the first of the burgers & sausages.  The two dogs were extremely well behaved and despite the lovely smells wafting their way they managed to ignore it completely.  We were joined for a while by Neil who is the Countryside & Angling Manager for Devon based at the Burrator Discovery Centre.  We sat in Peter's gazebo for tea and coffee with some of Linda & Gill's excellent cake.  A great way to end a day at Burrator.

Bob had two brownies on the same cast - Pat helps to release them

Peter's rod bends into a rainbow

....which he safely nets

The BBQ at Longstone

Peter brought his gazebo

The Kelley Kettles boiling the water for a brew of tea and coffee

We try out the gazebo.  Ziggy on the left with Jenny & Honey with Peter & Gill


Looking towards the Sheepstor Dam

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