Tuesday 12 July 2016

Pollack on the Fly - Mike & Tony's trip to Ireland

Our accommodation for the week - Elmville B & B

On Friday 1st July We (Tony Vallack and Mike Duckett) set off for Ireland by ferry from South Wales to Rosslaire. We have been to Southern Ireland several times before and visited Co. Wexford, Co. Waterford,  Co.Cork, Co. Kerry and Co. Galway in our time. This time we were going earlier in the year than is usual for us. We have mostly gone in the Autumn before. Our plan was to base ourselves in Cobh, Co. Cork, a very attractive and fishing friendly town inside the massive Cork Harbour, which is supposedly one of the best sea fishing spots on the whole of the southern Irish coast.

In advance of our visit we had contacted a local fishing guide, Richie Ryan, who takes anglers fishing for bass and pollack from his boat. So we booked with him and he recommended that we base ourselves at Elmville B & B which overlooks the harbour and is only a few hundred yards from where is boat is moored. Richie, a retired Irish Navy Commander, advertises himself as the first licenced saltwater fly fishing guide in Ireland and the local expert on fly fishing for bass. However, in our case, he turned out to be much more of a pollack expert. For some reason the bass were particularly hard to come by during the week we were there, but we had a real bonanza on the pollack.

Mike with one of the week's  rare bass

Mostly we fished in 20-30 feet of water using fast sinking lines and very slow retrieves. The killing fly was on of our guides' own design, 'Richie's Raider'. We caught dozens of pollack and a few bass and got taken into the kelp and broken up a time or two. We kept the odd fish for the landlady, Olive O'Brien, at the B & B, but mainly we returned them. Here are a couple more pictures.

A typical fly caught pollack

Another one for Tony

Bass again for Mike

We were disappointed not to get more bass but had a very good time anyway and may well be back again next year.

All the best and tight lines...Tony & Mike

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