Monday 1 August 2016

Burrator Fly Fishers Competition 30 July 2016

Six BFFA members met at Longstone for the July competition.  There has been low rainfall during July and the reservoir levels reflect that.  I took the water temperature at Longstone - 18C - and at the boat pontoon - 20C - so very warm.  A widely held belief in the US is that with a water temperature at and above 20C it is time to pack up!

At first there was a breeze blowing across the reservoir from the west which gradually became more northerly.  No rain was forecast and around lunchtime it quite suddenly became warmer.  Anyway, at the 10am start BobP decided to start fishing near the Discovery Centre on the west shore where he lost one trout  before returning to Longstone where he did land one 1.25lb rainbow.  Personally, I did not have a single 'touch' all day.  After the weigh-in at 3pm where Bob's was the only fish, I tried over the other side of Burrator at the boat pontoon and below the Discovery Centre without contacting anything at all.

The water level is quite low
View from the Sheepstor Dam

Linda fishing at Longstone

Tony & Mark waiting for the Kelly Kettle

Just boiled

We mostly fished towards the end of Longstone Point

I later fished at the boat pontoon

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