Monday 1 April 2019

BFFA Away-Day at Siblyback on Saturday 30 March 2019

Eight members arrived at Siblyback for the 10am start.  We were greeted with a cool northerly breeze blowing down the lake.  I had not fished at Siblyback for some years and the sailing dinghies, kayaks & windsurfers that had previously used the water had apparently moved to Roadford.  There were still plenty of walkers and dogs around the shoreline, though!

Milemead had re-stocked with rainbows & blues on the previous Wednesday.  The air temperature was 10C and the water temp the same.  It became more sunny during the day with lots of buzzers about.  I fished the east shore but did not see many fish moving.  Some of our group headed up to the Marsh area at the north end of the lake which turned out to be a good decision as plenty of fish were landed there by BFFA competitors and local anglers.

The weigh-in was at the permit hut and Mike Ellis was declared the winner with a five fish bag weighing 9lb.  Runner up was Nik Tomkins with five fish for 7lb.  Mike won the bottle of malt whisky and the bottle of wine. 

Mike Ellis 5 trout for 9lb
Nik Tomkins 5 trout for 7lb
Kevin Sellar 3 trout for 4lb
Tony Waldren 1 trout for 1lb 8oz
Bob Prout, Tony Hooper, Roy Whittaker & Alan Bahan put in Nil returns

The slipway & boat pontoon

A cool breeze and patchy fog

Tony Waldren took his fish from the bay here

The Marsh where most of the trout were landed

Nik was runner-up with his bag of 7lb

Mike receives the bottle of malt whisky from Bob for his 9lb bag

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