Thursday 21 March 2019

Re-stocking at Burrator 20th March 2019

The Burrator FFA had a meeting at the Discovery Centre in the morning.  Sam LeBailly, the West Devon Countryside Warden told us that there was a delivery of rainbow & blue trout due around 1pm. Over at Longstone Sam, me and Burrator FFA Chair, Linda met Paul Evenden from Milemead Fisheries.

In the two tanks on the back of his 4x4 pick-up were 250 trout.  Paul was soon netting them into the lake and within a short time the trout were swimming about in the bay.

While we were there a scientist from the Environment Agency arrived to take samples from the reservoir.  Later she told me that she had netted a good amount of insect life including caddis & mayfly larvae.  She said she didn't net any signal crayfish in the samples but I have no doubt that they are present in Burrator and probably in some numbers.

Paul nets the trout into the water while Sam takes a few photos
Linda, Paul & Sam
A scientist from the Environment Agency takes samples

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