Friday 12 April 2019

BFFA Competition at Burrator on 11th April 2019

A cool but fine morning greeted the 8 members who arrived for the competition. Bob and Kevin began fishing the Discovery Centre shore but found the cold wind made life difficult and later joined everyone else at the more sheltered Longstone Peninsula.

The day remained fine and sunny with a mostly light wind blowing down the lake from the north east although later in the afternoon there was a bit more east in it . As usual I took the water temperature which was 10C with an air temperature of 9C at 10am.

The recent stocking of the lake was evident in the number of trout netted and the amount of trout activity on and just below the surface during most of the day.  It was good to see so many fish over three pounds and the excellent quality of of trout supplied by Milemead Fisheries.  Anthony netted and returned the one brown trout that came to a fly during the competition.  We did note the shell remains of an invasive North American Signal Crayfish on the bank.

Kevin  won the competition and a bottle of wine with five trout weighing a total of 12lb 6oz.

Results were:
Kevin             5 trout for 12lb 6oz including one of 3lb 8oz and another of 3lb 6oz
Anthony         4 trout for 10lb 4oz including one of 3lb 11oz and another of 3lb 7oz
TonyH            3 trout for 6lb 7oz including one of 3lb 7oz
Bob                3 trout for 4lb 3oz
TonyV            2 trout for 3lb 7oz   
Peter               1 trout of 1lb 5oz
Maurice & Allan put in nil returns

Peter hooked several trout here

Anthony bending into one his four trout
TonyH into one of his three trout

Tony & Peter stop for a traditional Kelly Kettle brew

Tony with a 3lb 7oz rainbow

Anthony ready with the net

Anthony's best rainbow at 3lb 11oz

TonyV casting at Longstone Point

Maurice & Allan fishing below Longstone Manor

Bob waits with the net as Kevin brings in a 3+ pounder
Safely netted!


  1. Good to see you guys having a great day at Burrator. Makes me very envious here in Spain but I'll soon be back to fish the reservoir for myself.
    Regards all Stu Payne.

  2. Nothing posted for a while? Keen to try this coming year…. Are daily tickets available?