Thursday 19 January 2017

BFFA Competition at Newhouse Fishery 18th January 2017

The club's first competition of 2017 was held at Newhouse Fishery at Gara Bridge near Loddiswell in South Devon.  The day was quite cold under a clear blue sky when we started at 10am with an air temperature of 7C which was the same as the water temperature.  A light easterly breeze picked up later bringing a small ripple to the water surface.  Four BFFA members fished the two ponds and we mostly opted for sinking lines.

First into a trout was Pete who landed one of about two and a quarter pounds.  The fishing hut beside the bigger lake provided welcome shelter to have lunch.  The sun hardly got over the tops of the trees but in the afternoon everyone except me landed their 3 fish limit!  At the weigh-in at 3.30pm Bob had landed the biggest rainbow at 3lb 3oz  and was declared the winner.

The owner had visited us in the fishing hut at lunchtime and as the only trout by then was Pete's,  he generously suggested we could try casting in the beginners pond (or as someone put it - the baby pond!).  As most of us had a limit by the end of the competition the offer was not taken up.

Final results were:  Bob - 3 fish - 3lb 3oz, 1lb 13oz & 1lb 3oz.  Kelvin - 3 fish - 2lb 0oz, 1lb 10oz & 1lb 3oz,  Pete 3 fish - 2lb 3oz, 1lb 10oz & 1lb 7oz, Tony - 1 fish at 1lb 6oz.

The valley was calm when we arrived

Bob casting into the Main Lake

Pete landing one from the Middle Lake

In the net!

Tony, Bob & Pete on the Middle Lake and Kelvin fishing the Main Lake
Kelvin fishing the Main Lake from the platform by the fishing hut

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