Tuesday 24 January 2017

A still day at Burrator - 23rd January 2017

As usual first stop was at the dam to check water levels and I was surprised to see it was almost as low as back in the summer.  The South West Water website is showing 54% full (about 48% at the lowest level last year) which indicates how dry the weather has been.

Around at Longstone Peninsula  I spent a while casting various flies near the point.  I didn't have a touch there so moved farther into the bay for a Kelly Kettle brew.

By then it was early afternoon and I tried in front of the ruined manor house.  I had one pull followed a little later with a rainbow of 1lb 12oz on the bank.  Both times I was using a sinking line and a single orange booby, letting it sink to the bottom before slowly retrieving.  The air temperature was 8C but the water was a very chilly 4-5C.  I was glad of my thermals under my new zippy waders!

Flat calm conditions
The Kelly Kettle again

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