Saturday 28 January 2017

BFFA Competition at Burrator Saturday 28th January 2017

Seven members met at the parking area at Longstone to start fishing at 10am.  The weather was calm, the air cold at 8C with a Southwest breeze forecast for later in the morning.  I took the water temperature which was a very cold 4C.  I understand that rainbow trout have one of the broadest temperature ranges through which they will continue to feed.  Unfortunately for us at Burrator that range is about 6C to  21C which seemed to show that today we would be struggling even if the rainbows were right in front of us!

The breeze from the southwest picked up as forecast and that makes casting on the south side of Longstone Peninsula difficult if you are right handed.  Some of our members moved around to the more sheltered side but their efforts went unrewarded.  By 2pm we had landed nothing although Kenisha had contacted a trout that came off.  Although we all tried every method the day ended with a resounding 7 blanks and no winner.

I fished on here on Monday  23rd January and since then the water level had risen a little.
See here -
On the same date in 2016 Burrator was 100% full so there is a lot of water needed to reach that level.

Mark fishing towards the point at Longstone

Short lived excitement as Kenisha snags the bottom

Kenisha & Mark wait for the Kelly Kettle

Mark & Tony
Tony fishing beside the fence

Mark at Longstone with the Discovery Centre beyond

Sunshine & showers as Kenisha & Pete fish Longstone

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