Monday 11 May 2015

Best rainbow so far, very few browns and a lost priest

The best rainbow trout reported so far was a fish of 4 lbs exactly. It was landed by long-time club member Roy Kane on 21st April. He sent me the following brief report and pictures:

Hi Peter
Here are some photographs of the four pound rainbow trout included in a full five fish bag caught at Burrator on Tuesday 21st. It was a very windy day but it was one of the few free days I have had since opening day due to being self-employed and my business being very busy. Fishing was very slow until about 4.30pm when five fish were taken on a very small green and black Montana Nymph. I was also broken by a very heavy fish off Longstone Point.

Roy's four pounder

A good bag of rainbows taken in difficult conditions

Where are the Brownies? 
Whether it is yet too early in the season for them to be feeding high in the water, there have been relatively few brown trout caught so far. According to Neil Reeves' weekly reports only nine brown trout have been recorded on the bag returns. All, of course, have been released. Let's hope they start to show once the weather warms up a bit and there are a few more fly hatches to be seen. Here is picture of the only one I have seen so far; caught by Jon Perry from the club boat.

 A twelve ounce fish taken close to the bank.

Lost your priest?
If you recognise the priest in the picture below and yours has gone missing, get in touch by email or telephone and you can be 'reunited', courtesy of Mark Garbett who found it on the bank.

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