Saturday 18 April 2015

A First Boat Trip at Burrator

I had not been out in the boat at Burrator since joining the BFF so Peter kindly agreed to initiate me into the dark art of Burrator Boating!  The day started off quite mild and with little wind although the forecast was giving a strengthening easterly.  Peter had brought his electric outboard and batteries with him so no need for rowing. 

We first tried the area between Longstone and the Sheepstor Dam.   I had a cast towards a solitary surface swirl and was surprised to be taken by a Blue Trout on a black & green Kennick Killer. We had seen no other trout activity.

The air temperature dropped as the cloud cover increased.  The wind picked up from the Northeast and it was on with an extra fleece followed by a windproof coat.  We even had a few drops of rain during the morning.  We saw an angler fishing towards the point at Longstone net three trout in a   short period.  Our drifts a little way out from the shoreline produced nothing at all.  The water became quite choppy farther out.  We considered using the drogue but stayed in the calmer waters.

In the afternoon the wind dropped a bit and it became warmer although there was very little fly life or trout activity.  The odd buzzer appeared.  We continued along the Sheepstor Dam/Longstone shoreline and I had one more rainbow.  Peter tried various flies and methods but apart from a couple of tugs at his nymphs   Invicta & Pheasant Tail – he didn’t net anything.

A pleasant start to the day

It became chilly as the breeze picked up......

....and quite choppy!
The afternoon weather improved

A Kelly Kettle brew near the Sheepstor Dam

Two Nomads at the top & a Kennick Killer

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