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Burrator Fly Fishers Three Fly Competition 23 May 2015

The BFF three fly competition was held at Burrator on Saturday 23 May 2015.  There was a very good turn out with 12 members competing.  The three flies were a bibio tied by Jon (top), a gold head hare’s ear tied by Pat (centre) and a black & green nomad tied by TonyH (bottom).

The three flies
Reproduced from the 1959 Ordnance Survey 2½” map

The competition started at 1000 after members had collected their flies from Peter at Longstone.  We could fish anywhere in Burrator but all the members elected to fish in the area from the Sheepstor Dam to the north side of Longstone. We could see trout were rising when we first arrived and although a breeze rippled the water a few trout continued to rise for most of the day.  Hawthorn flies with their dangling legs were seen flying around and one or two landed on Pat’s car while we were tackling up.

The day began with sunshine and a gentle breeze.  It became more cloudy (better for fishing!) during the morning with a wind blowing down the reservoir from the north or northwest.  A few hardy anglers fished around the point where the wind made right-handed casting difficult.  I started on the east shore towards the Sheepstor Dam where I hooked one rainbow briefly on the gold head hare’s ear on a floating line.  Jon landed rainbow to my right and then a brownie after he had walked around to my left.  Pat fished in the corner and an hour after the start he was into a good trout.  In the net it looked to be 6lb or more but weighed later pulled the scales to 5lb 5oz.  It is quite possible that the bigger rainbows do not find enough food in Burrator to increase their weight after stocking and this one definitely looked slim.

Bill fished near Pat and had all his fish on dry fly.  John had a bag limit of five fish but did not weigh in his fish.  Jon finished with two rainbows and one brown trout that was returned.  David had one, I had one and I think Peter had one.  Ken and Linda didn’t get on the board.

Ken, who was fishing near the ruined Longstone Manor, had a nasty shock when he stepped into what could be a silted-up well.  The water suddenly came to the top of his chest waders and quick action by Peter helped extricate Ken from the soft mud.

The competition ended with the weigh-in at 3pm. Linda had baked a delicious Victoria sponge which seemed to be everyone’s favourite!  With two Kelly Kettle’s and Jon’s Ghillie Kettle on the go we all enjoyed a fresh cup of tea and a chat about the fishing.  Pat’s 5lb 5oz rainbow was the best fish of the day and with four other rainbows brought his bag total up to 10lb 8oz so he was also the overall winner.  Mark was second with 5lb 10oz and Terry third with four rainbows for 5lb 3oz.  Two of our new members fished the competition with Stuart landing 4lb 12oz and Bill 4lb exactly.

Some members carried on fishing after the competition had ended and as Peter & I drove through the gate at Longstone we were met by Al, one of the volunteer SWLT bailiffs, who checked our tickets.  A well supported day enjoyed by everyone who took part.

Jon releases a brownie

Some of the BFF members fishing Longstone

Bill enjoyed some good dry fly action from this spot

Pat with his 5lb 5oz rainbow

Ken casting a good line

Mark fishing in a breezy spot off Longstone

Terry into one of his four rainbows

Pat hooked into a rainbow while Linda fishes nearby

Some of the competitors - waiting for tea & cake

Time for a chat while the kettles boil

Steam up!

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