Monday 13 April 2015

Changed competition dates and venues for 2015

Following on the discussion at the last two club meetings in February and March we have agreed some changes of dates and venues. Here is a revised list that hopefully reflects those discussions. The changes are to increase the numbers of days actually at Burrator, to anticipate the probable closing of Bake Lakes as a trout fishery, and to increase the number of Saturdays within the total for the year thus accommodating more easily those members who are working during the week.

Tuesday 21st April – Bake Lakes
Saturday 23rd May – Burrator – Three Fly Competition
Wednesday 17th June – Burrator
Saturday 25th July – Burrator
No August competition
Friday 18th September – Burrator
Saturday 24th October – Newhouse Fishery
Friday 13th November – Burrator
Saturday 12th October – Xmas Competition - Venue yet to be decided

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