Thursday 4 December 2014

You must be Codding!

Captain Vallack brings the SS Samaki alongside

After our somewhat foreshortened visit to Burrator last week (see previous post) Tony Vallack and I decided that we were more likely to be able to top up the fish drawer in our freezers with a bit of  sea fishing. Pollack and even the possibility of a late season bass were on our minds when, on Sunday morning , we set out in Tony's boat SS Samaki to see what was swimming around just outside the breakwater.

Once again the weather was kind to us in so far as there was no rain or wind to speak of. We were in for another bright but chilly day.

Tony with a nice codling

We used light lure rods to fish soft plastic jig-headed lures in water between 30 and 50 feet deep. Allowing the lures to fall to the bottom we then worked them slowly towards the surface. Unfortunately the pollack were not interested, or not there. However we did find a few nice codling between one and a half and three and a half pounds. Easily the most successful lure was something called the Black Fiish Minnow. It was best fished fairly close to the bottom.

Peter with one of the smaller fish

Fishing for these smallish cod is nowhere near as exciting as catching even medium sized pollack on the same gear. Where the pollack really dive when hooked, the codling have nothing like that turn of speed. Nevertheless they are dogged little fighters and, as you can imagine, make delicious eating.

Tony is not only a first class boat captain, he also shines on the culinary and domestic front. Firstly he rustled up lunchtime bacon sandwiches and cups of coffee with the stove in his little cabin, then, at the end of our short day, he gutted and filleted a few of the fish. These are now in our freezers and soon to be defrosted, battered and deep fried.

Ready for filleting

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