Thursday 11 December 2014

Burrator Fly Fishers Christmas Dinner 2014

A good turn out of members met at The Jack Rabbit  at Derriford on Monday 8th December for the Burrator Fly Fishers Christmas dinner.  The Jack Rabbit is part of the Vintage Inn group.  I had not been there previously and was impressed with how welcoming it felt as we walked through the door.  We selected our own meals from the menu and several of us arrived with Vintage Inn wine vouchers that entitled us to a free glass of wine.  A little negotiation by Peter and we had enough for three bottles of wine which was a very good start!

The food was excellent, the staff polite and helpful and the evening passed very quickly - always a good sign of an enjoyable time.  Awards for competition wins, biggest fish of the year etc. were handed out as follows: Peter Phillips won the wooden fish plaque for the best weight in the annual Three Fly Competition, Pat Power won the new Geoff Riley Memorial Trophy (The Sunset Trophy) for the best fish of the year from Burrator and also won a bottle of Scotch for the best fish from any venue, with the same six pound plus wild brownie he caught and released at Burrator. And finally, Mike Duckett won another bottle of Scotch for the best overall weight in the Bake Christmas Competition. Mike also did a brilliant job of organising the raffle.

Sue & I had decided to take a taxi to the pub as our usual arrangement of sharing the driving  - me to the venue, Sue driving back home - was a little contentious!  Peter's wife Gill volunteered to drive us back to Compass House on the Barbican which was very generous particularly as they drove past their front door on the way - thank you Gill, much appreciated.

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