Thursday 4 December 2014

November Competition at Burrator

'Bloody Hell its cold in here!' - says Pat

Those of your that attended the last club meeting will know that, because of the very windy and wet weather in the week it was due to take place, our November competition was rescheduled for Wednesday 26th November at Burrator. In the event it proved a very good decision because the original date, Thursday 13th, turned out to be very stormy indeed. By the 26th the storms had gone but the cold weather had come in instead. So on the day we had only a small turnout of four members for what was a beautifully bright but seriously chilly early winter's day.

The winners!

In the end the four intrepid souls, Tony Vallack, David Lye, Pat Power and Peter Macconnell caught only two fish between them, though numerous other trout were hooked and lost. No one fished on beyond about three o'clock at which time Tony and Pat were declared joint winners with one 'schoolie' each, and we all went home to sit in front of our respective fires with cups of coffee or perhaps glasses of whisky.

Here are some more pictures:

Tony looks in vain for signs of rising fish
Pat wrapped up against the cold
'Is it time to go home yet?'

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