Monday 21 May 2018

BFFA Three Fly Competition at Burrator on Wednesday 16th May 2018

Ten members met at Longstone for this annual competition.  There are three patterns of fly available to each competitor all tied by BFFA members, hence the name 'Three Fly Competition'!  This year the flies were tied by Pat Power - a dry fly, Bob Eccles - a Damsel Nymph and Tony Hooper - a green & black Kennick killer.  By the end of the day trout had been caught on all three patterns.

There had been a change to the start & finish times agreed at an earlier meeting.  This year the start time was 1pm with the weigh-in at 8pm.  It turned out to be a bit of a grey day, overcast with light rain some of the time.  The air temperature was 15C and the water temp was also 15C.
Tony Vallack with a trout on the Damsel

Expertly netted by Terry Denley

(above & below) Afternoon tea on Longstone!

Here are the results:
The winner was Bob Prout with a total bag weight of 7lb 7oz.  His five fish included 3 rainbows and 2 blues - biggest was a blue of 1lb 10oz.
Kevin Sellar 4 blues & 1 rainbow total bag 6lb 7oz
Pat Power 3 blues & 2 rainbows totalling 6lb 5oz
Tony Hooper 1 blue of 1lb 8oz
Stuart Payne 1 blue of 1lb 8oz
Tony Vallack 1 rainbow
Peter Macconnell 1 rainbow
David Lye, Terry Denley & Linda James put in nil returns

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