Friday 27 April 2018

BFFA Away-Day Competition at Tavistock Fishery Thursday 26 April 2018

Yet another good turn-out of eleven members for the competition at Tavistock Trout Fishery on 26th April 2018.  Apart from a couple of showers, the day was sunshine and cloud.  Although cool in the morning, it did warm up after lunch.  I took the water temperature at 10C while the air was around 12C.

The competition started at 10am and even before I had bought my ticket Jay Nicholls had a rainbow of over 3lb from Kingfisher and Bob Eccles had netted two others from the Big Osprey.

As it was very busy on the 'top' lakes - Kingfisher, Osprey & Big Osprey, I decided to have a few casts on Heron Lake.  With no anglers there at all I had plenty of choice of bank!  I was using a black Kennick Killer and had several plucks & pulls before landing one of 2lb 5oz.  Bob Prout had one from Little Heron.

The owner of Tavistock Fishery, Abigail,  generously gave a prize of a landing net for the winner and, as Jay's trout was within 3/8oz of Pete's winning trout, she gave him a baseball cap, too.  Much appreciated by us all.

Bob into an early rainbow on Big Osprey Lake

David changing the fly on Osprey Lake

Tony Hooper had one from Heron Lake

Terry fishing Big Osprey

Pat on Big Osprey Lake

Anthony fishing Osprey

Kelvin was joined by an admiring group of Guinea Fowl on Lower Heron!

Pete and Jay at the weigh-in
Abigail of Tavistock Fishery donated a 1st prize landing net & a cap for the runner-up

The BFFA competitors at the fishing hut.
Missing are Terry & Pat

Jay modelling the hat!

As with all our away-day competitions it is the biggest fish that wins.

Here are the results:-
The winner was Pete Phillips with a rainbow of 3lb 4 3/8oz.  He had another of 2lb 12oz.
A very close second with a bag of five rainbows was Jay Nicholls - the biggest at 3lb 4oz, 2 others at 3lb and another 2 at 2lb 12oz.
Bob Prout had two rainbows best 3lb 1/2oz
Bob Eccles took 4 trout between 2lb 8oz and 3lb
Pat Power had two at 2lb 10oz & 2lb 8oz
Don Brown one rainbow of 2lb 6oz
Tony Hooper one rainbow of 2lb 5oz 
David Lye, Kelvin Nikulin, Anthony Waldren and Terry Denley all put in nil returns.

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