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Minutes of the Burrator Fly Fishers Association Annual General Meeting held at the Travelodge on Monday 11 January 2016

Minutes of the Burrator Fly Fishers Association
Annual General Meeting
At the Travelodge on
Monday 11 January 2016

Present: Peter Macconnell (Chairman), David Lye (Treasurer), Tony Hooper (Secretary), Terry Denley, Andy Brewer, Pat Power, Tony Vallack, Richard Peel, John Jeffrey, Ken Hindley, Bob Prout, George Wortelhock, Kelvin Nikulin, Bill Watson, Peter Phillips, Stuart Payne, Mark Sinclair, Linda James, Mark Garbutt,

Apologies: Mike Duckett, Tom Turner, Graham Broach.
Peter opened the meeting at 7.00pm

1. Minutes of the last meeting
Peter read out the minutes of the last BFFA AGM held on the 12 January 2015.  Tony Vallack proposed & Stuart Payne seconded that the minutes were accepted as a true record - agreed.

2. Matters arising
2.1 Cormorants
During a meeting in 2015 with SWLT Peter asked what action the Trust would be taking regarding cormorants at Burrator.  He was told that BFFA would be advised of the Trust’s plan by October/November 2015.  Peter has since received an apology for the delay and was told that the matter was in hand.

2.2 Honorary Bailiffs at Burrator
Peter Macconnell & Jon Perry had both received letters appointing them as honorary bailiffs at Burrator.

3. Chairman’s Report
Peter told the meeting that he had attended 4 meetings in the past year with SWLT accompanied by various BFFA members. SWLT have a strategy for managing Burrator and they would like us to be involved. A meeting was arranged for January 2016 but has been put back as SWLT are still working on their angling strategy.

In response to concerns raised by BFFA regarding the boats, SWLT have said that they will install a running mooring to alleviate damage when the boats are blown against the shore.  Richard told us that he was present when the current angling boat was taken off the reservoir by SWLT in the autumn.  There was water between the inner and outer hulls.  SWLT staff said they will drain the water and repair as necessary.

4. Treasurer’s Report
David said that he was presenting a healthy report to the meeting.  Membership was up at 30 – the highest it had been.  He told us that the badges for new members will be ready shortly. Peter advised the meeting that Angling Trust insurance cover for 2016 will be £10 less than originally thought. David suggested that the subscription should remain at £12.50 for 2016. We had a brief discussion and Richard Peel proposed acceptance of the accounts seconded by John – agreed.

5. Secretary’s Report
Tony said that there was little to report and there had been no correspondence during the year.  It was agreed that the secretary would deal with the Angling Trust insurance paperwork and correspondence.

6. Social/Competition Secretary’s Report
Tony Vallack gave the meeting the dates of the competitions during 2016.  We discussed inviting the Kennick Fly Fishing Association to take part in one or two bank competitions at Burrator.  It was suggested that we have a barbeque after the competition at Burrator on Saturday 25th June.  The meeting also provisionally agreed to hold another barbeque after the competition at Burrator on Saturday 30th July.  It was also agreed that we invite the Kennick FFA to take part in the competition and join us afterwards for the bbq.

7. Constitution
The BFFA constitution had been discussed at the meeting on 9th November when Richard Peel offered to re-write it.  Ken Hindley told the meeting that this previous constitution had been produced by Graham McShane in 2001.  The current draft version written by Richard and Peter was discussed by the meeting.  Although the Association does not currently have any junior members under the age of 18 years this section - 3.4 -  was raised by Peter who told the meeting that 16-18 year olds are treated as adults so there was no requirement for CRB checks.  Junior members under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is a member of the BFFA.  Bill Watson said he would check about the CRB requirements in this case and report back at a later date.  It was hoped the draft constitution could be finalised at the next meeting in February.

Peter explained to the meeting the what was meant in section 8.3 by ‘Principles of Natural Justice’.   He told us that members who were subject to disciplinary procedures were entitled to the right to a fair hearing.

8. Election of Officers
The Treasurer David Lye, the Secretary Tony Hooper and the Social & Competition Secretary Tony Vallack were all re-elected unopposed.  The Chairman Peter Macconnell stood down and asked if anyone was prepared to stand as Chairman.  There was a discussion and Kelvin Nikulin agreed to stand.  Kelvin may move from the area so it was proposed that Richard Peel shadow Kelvin for the next 12 months.

9.Provisional Plan for Meetings & Competitions in 2016
Peter Phillips suggested that the meetings in February, March and April should start at 7pm rather than 7.30pm.  The parking at the Travelodge for the 7.30 starts has become more difficult so the meeting agreed to an earlier start as a trial.  There are no meetings in August, the Christmas supper is in December and the next AGM will be in January 2017.

10. Any Other Business
Andy Brewer donated a large box of flies that he had tied himself to be raffled for the Association.  It was agreed that raffle tickets would be £5 each and the sale & draw of tickets would take place at the next meeting in February.

Tony Hooper asked the meeting if anyone would be interested in having a guided tour of Milemead Trout Farm near Tavistock.  Paul & Andrew Evenden run the farm and re-stock reservoirs, fisheries, lakes & ponds throughout Devon & Cornwall including Burrator, Kennick and Siblyback.  There was lots of interest and Tony said he would contact Milemead to see what could be arranged.

Peter Phillips proposed a vote of thanks for Peter Macconnell’s service to the BFFA.

There was no further business and the meeting ended at 8.40pm.

The next BFF Association Meeting will be held at the Travelodge on Monday 8th February 2016 at 7pm.

Tony Hooper
Burrator Fly Fishers Association


Saturday 30th January 2016

Wednesday 24th February 2016
Newhouse Trout Fishery

Tuesday 15th March 2016

Saturday 23rd April 2016
3 Fly Competition
Tuesday 31st May 2016

Saturday 25th June 2016
Competition & Barbeque
Saturday 30th July 2016
Kennick FFA & Barbeque
Wednesday 28th September 2016
Kennick FFA
Friday 28th October 2016
Tavistock Trout Fishery

Saturday 19th November 2016

Saturday 10th December 2016
Newhouse or Tavistock

Monday 12th December 2016
To be decided
BFFA Christmas Supper

at the Derriford Travelodge
Note 7pm start in February, March & April
7pm Monday 8th February
7pm Monday 14th March
7pm Monday 11th  April
7.30pm Monday 9th May
7.30pm Monday 13th June
7.30pm Monday 11th July
No Meeting in August
7.30 Monday 12th September
7.30 Monday 10th October
7.30 Monday 14th November
Monday 12th December
Christmas Supper

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