Saturday 30 January 2016

BFFA Competition at Burrator Saturday 30 January 2016

Five members turned up at Burrator on a cold, blustery day. The air temperature was a little over 6C and the water was at 7C.  When we packed up in the afternoon the air temperature had dropped to 5C.  Water was pouring over the dam.  I started fishing - as usual - below the ruined Longstone Manor with an orange Booby on a sinking line.  The water was lapping the grass bank and the trees presented the usual hazard for a mis-judged back cast. Pat also started on the south side of Longstone Point before working his way around to the other side.  David, Bob & Mark also fished around the Point.

The breeze was south westerly and seemed quite cold. My Kelly Kettle struggled a little with the wet sticks but, once going, the volcano effect soon boiled enough water for a welcome cup of tea. By around 2pm none of us had even had a tug from a trout using a variety of methods so we called it a day with no winner!

There had been a lot of water in Burrator

Even with neoprene waders the water felt very cold

My Kelly Kettle was not too keen on the wet sticks

But was soon boiling the water for tea

Bob fishing the Point

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