Sunday 16 June 2013

Saturday 15 June 2013

The competition at Burrator on Saturday 15th June was cancelled because of the poor weather forecast. I had already bought my day ticket online so fished anyway.

At Longstone Point I met a member of BFF who had two rainbows and as the wind, a force 5-7,  was straight into the bay below the house I went around to the right.    I had one trout, my first ever Burrator rainbow, on a black & orange Montana.

Later I went back to have a look at the bay on the windward side meeting Pat Power on the way.  Pat had taken five rainbows on a black buzzer on the north side of the point.  The wind was certainly blasting into the corner and I used a heavier sinking line along with casting left-handed to get out into the waves.

I had two rainbows followed by several pulls and tugs before I realised that the hook had broken at the bend.  Probably snagged on the rocky shore behind me.  I finished around 7pm with five rainbows - the best two at 1lb 12oz. - Tony Hooper

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  1. Hi Tony - Sorry I didn't get to you with the message about the cancellation of the competition. I had contact with a number of members by either email or phone and the consensus was that we should cancel because of the high winds and probable rain. I am pleased to see that you and Pat got some fish anyway. It just goes to show what a lot of 'softies' some of the rest of us are! - Peter Macconnell