Saturday 1 June 2013

Another Burrator Four Pounder

'A picture of concentration'

On Friday 31st May Pat Power and Peter Macconnell took the boat out at Burrator. What with the high winds and all it was one of the few times in the last couple of weeks that it has been possible to get out in any degree of comfort. However, Friday was a pleasant sunny day with just enough cloud cover and just enough ripple on the water to offer the promise of decent fishing, and that's how it started out.

Both Pat and Peter had a couple of rainbows quite quickly, but then things started to become more difficult and, having initially been able to take fish high in the water, fishing became very dour indeed once the sun brightened and the morning turned into afternoon. Pat worked out what was going on, switching to fish a Red Cormorant fly, a pattern of his own design and tying, on a medium sinking line, he reconnected with the fish. To say the fish were jumping on his fly would be to exaggerate only slightly, but he certainly had found the killing method. We were in comparatively shallow water, an estimated 5-15 feet, and the fish were taking well below the surface. In the end Pat got just reward for his effort in the form of a 4lb 1oz rainbow as part of a limit bag and several other fish released unharmed.

4lb 1oz rainbow for Pat
The Red Cormorant - Deceptively simple but very effective on a sinking line

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