Monday 14 May 2012

Three Fly Competition - Hard Going

This year our 'Three Fly Competition' took place as planned on Saturday 14th April at Bake Lakes. Unfortunately our planning was not very good and neither was our luck.

In years past Terry Buttle tied the flies for members to use, but this year, Terry having left the club, our other 'expert' fly dresser, Tony McCoy, offered to do the honours. Unfortunately he forgot to tell us that he would be in Gran Canaria soaking up the sun and the wine during April. So in the end we fished with bought flies. After lengthy discussion Peter and Mike decided that the flies for the day would be a lure (Viva), a nymph (Pearl Daiwl Bach), and a traditional wet (Goat's Toe). these were duly handed out to the half dozen or so members who turned out, and with the exception of Tony Vallack we all managed to blank! to be fair, it was a difficult day weather wise and very little was being caught by other anglers.

So congratulations to Tony for his fish of just over three pounds. Also welcome to our newest member Peter Phillips who came along for the first time.

Tony with Bake Lakes rainbow

Our next event is our first Burrator evening on Wednesday 16th May.

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