Sunday 20 May 2012

First Burrator Evening - Wednesday 18th May

Six members turned out for our first evening visit to Burrator this season. They were Ken Hindley, Mike Duckett, Terry Denley, Frank Dunlop, Tony McCoy, and Peter Macconnell.
This was Ken's first fishing trip for quite some time so it was good to see him get right back into the swing of things with a couple of nice rainbows taken on a scruffy looking little black fly, the name of which he couldn't remember.

Ken keeping out the evening chill
and looking pleased with his fish

Most members saw a bit of action and, in the end, the results were:

Ken Hindley two fish for 2lb 15oz.
Peter Macconnell two fish for 2lb 14oz.
Terry Denley two fish for 2lb 11oz.
Tony McCoy one fish for 2lb 0oz.
Mike Duckett and Frank Dunlop blanked but had a few takes.

So overall it wasn't bad and a bit of sport was had because all the anglers had numerous other takes and hooked and lost fish. As dusk approached there was a flat clam and some surface movement from fish that proved particularly hard to catch. 

Some more pictures (Double click on any picture to see them enlarged as a slide show):

Last of the Summer Wine? 
Terry Denley, Frank Dunlop & Mike Duckett

'It was this big...' 
Tony McCoy describes the one that got away

In a tangle...? Mike Duckett sorts out his 'knitting'

Next Burrator evening 
Wednesday 20th June 2012
5.00pm onwards.

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