Monday 5 March 2012

New Members Welcome

In the last couple of years Burrator Fly Fishers membership numbers have fallen somewhat. So we would welcome a few new members whether male or female, an old hand, or new to the game.

Are you interested in fly fishing but never done it? 
If so then the Burrator Fly Fishers are happy to help you make a start. We do not claim to be great anglers or professional level coaches but between us we have a fair amount of fly fishing and fly tying experience that we are  only too happy to share. Whether you are young, middle aged or a senior citizen, the basics of fly fishing, sufficient to start catching trout, can be quickly learnt. Why not make contact with us and find out more?

Advice about tackle and equipment
Probably the best thing to do is to come and meet us  before you spend money. Members will be happy to discuss and demonstrate tackle suitable for trout fishing in both still and running water, as well as the various accessories and items of clothing needed. Additionally, perusal of the Snowbee, John Norris of Penrith, or Orvis websites (see list of Useful Links) will give you a good idea about cost and the range of tackle available.Typically you will need:

  • A carbon fibre fly rod. An AFTM 6/7 weight is usable for most sorts of trout fishing. 
  • A fly reel plus a spare spool, together with a floating and an intermediate fly line plus backing.
  • Leader material in 3, 5, and 8lb breaking strains.
  • A fly box and a selection of trout flies.
  • A landing net.
  • A fishing vest/waistcoat/bag to carry your stuff
  • A pair of waders.
  • A waterproof jacket.
  • Some sort of eye protection such as polaroid spectacles.
  • A 'priest' to administer the 'last rites'.
But remember, talk to us first.

Are you an experienced fly fisher?
If you would like to meet with other fly fishers once a month to talk about fishing and fly tying, and to fish together a few times each season then why not join us? Our competitions are friendly affairs and not to be taken too seriously. The prize will only be a bottle of whisky or something similar. The main thing is to take enjoyment from the day.

If you would like to know more then contact the Burrator Fly Fishers Secretary, Linda James, on 01752 569337, or the Chairman, Peter Macconnell, on 01752 560538 or 07738 378227 or email to

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