Sunday 21 January 2018

BFFA Competition held at Tavistock Fly Fishery on 20th January 2018

There was a great turnout of members for the first competition of 2018. Thirteen of us met for the start at 10am and after buying tickets we spread out onto all five lakes. Kevin turned up a little later and had one rainbow from Heron Lake. The air temperature was 9C but the water was a chilly 5C.  The sky was overcast with occasional light drizzle.  The weather forecast I watched earlier was giving a clearance at lunchtime but in the event we were treated to some heavy rain and strong westerly winds.

Although the lakes are stocked with a variety of trout - rainbows, golden, browns, blues and tigers - we only saw rainbows in our bags but with a total of 18 between us it was a good day out.  The biggest rainbow was landed from Kingfisher Lake by John Bright (we saw the kingfisher several times by the way!).   At 3lb 4.5oz John is the winner of the competition and is now currently leading the 'Traveller's Trophy' race for the biggest trout taken on an away day.  There is a long way to go until November, John!

Here are the results:
John 2 trout best 3lb 4.5oz,    Bob 3 trout best 2lb 6oz,   Pat 2lb 4oz & 2lb 2oz,   Kelvin 2lb 6oz & 2lb 0oz,   PeteP 3lb 0oz & 2lb 20z,   Stuart 2lb 2oz & 1lb 8oz,   PeterM 2lb 10oz & 2lb 8oz,   TonyV 2lb 4oz,   TonyH 1lb 12oz  &  Kevin 1lb 10oz.    David, Anthony, Karen & Jay put in nil returns.

Stuart fishing Heron Lake

David & Anthony watch Fishery staff put a few more trout into Heron Lake

(above & below) Anthony nets Peter's first fish from Lower Heron Lake

Pete on Osprey Lake

David casting at Heron Lake

TonyH with a stockie from Heron Lake

Kingfisher Lake was popular

TonyH fishing Kingfisher Lake at the Lodge end

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