Saturday 14 May 2016

Friday the 13th - A Day on Burrator in the Boat

I booked the boat through Richard a few days ago.  The forecast for Friday 13th May was favourable but with possible thundery showers during the day.  Sue came with me but wasn't fishing.  We arrived at the new boat pontoon around 10am.  There was a stiff breeze from the northeast and threatening clouds headed our way.  I fitted the electric outboard and we set off to fish the bay between the Sheepstor dam and Longstone Point.  The rain wasn't long in coming and it was on with the waterproofs.  There were a few other anglers on Longstone and one shouted out that he had seen some trout rising along the shore.  I alternated between a dry fly and a lure fished deep.  I saw very little surface activity all day. 

Around midday the rain stopped, the wind died away and it became quite warm.  The first brew with the Kelly Kettle was on the south shore between the two dams. While we were there I saw the Evenden's from Milemead Fish Farm delivering a load of trout over at Longstone.  Richard later told me that there were about 180 trout that included around 50% blues.

I motored up towards the north and much shallower end of the reservoir.  I had nothing show any interest in my dry fly - a biggish black gnat - but hooked and lost three brownies or rainbows on the white Cat's Whisker or a black Nomad.  Later, I netted and returned two lovely brownies on a small Cat's Whisker with a sinking line just off the shore below the Burrator Discovery Centre.  I saw a few trout landed by anglers  fishing the shore at Longstone.   In the afternoon there were eight of them lining the shore but they had all gone when I went in.

In the evening I had some casts close to the shore between the two dams.  The Cat's Whisker on an intermediate sinking line was snatched by a slim but feisty blue trout that was an ounce over 2lb.

Richard has done some great work with the pontoon and boats.  Currently with the water level still quite well up it is not necessary to use the running mooring.  When I passed Richard in the Wheelyboat I noted that he was sitting in one of those 'director's' chairs that has a handy lift up table attached.  I guess the Wheelyboat would not be easily rowable but with an electric outboard it is a very stable platform.  Don't forget the chairs, though!

Ashore for lunch and the first brew
The Kelly Kettle in action again
Milemead delivering more trout at Longstone

Glassy calm but nothing rising

Ashore for another tea break opposite Longstone
2lb 1oz blue trout on a Cat's Whisker
Richard was out in the evening on the Wheelyboat

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  1. An enjoyable report Tony. Thank you for sharing. I expect it makes a change from the bass.