Wednesday 23 March 2016

March Competition & Boat Fishing Update

The Competition
15th March used always to be the opening day of a new fishing season at Burrator and this year like any other Tony Vallack, our competitions and socials coordinator, arranged for us to have our first Burrator event on that day. We had not bargained for SWLT opening the reservoir three days early which, of course, they can do now that it is primarily a rainbow trout fishery and all brownies are to be released in any case. So while some members had already paid one or possibly two visits some of the rest of us gathered at 10.00am on Tuesday 15th for our first Burrator experience of the season.

'...gathered at 10.00am...'

It was a lovely bright day, with the weak sunshine glinting off the water and a chilly easterly wind giving a constant ripple to the water. Though it was by no measure difficult to fish. I fished halfway along the Longstone Peninsula with the breeze from my left and was able to fish my four weight rod a floating line, a 12-14 foot leader and two small flies; a Diawl Bach on the dropper and a small gold head Montana Nymph on the point.

Terry and his first three fish

The assembled company were Linda James, Stuart Payne, David Lye and his son, Pat Power, Terry Denley, Peter Macconnell and Peter Phillips.

Early on it was quite cold and once hands got wet they were soon chilled but it was not so cold  that wading became a form of self inflicted 'torture', which has sometimes been the case on opening day in years past. Nevertheless fairly frequent breaks to fire up the Kelly Kettle and wrap hands around a good hot cup of builder's tea (Twining English Breakfast actually) helped bring circulation back to one's fingers.

The fishing was quite good and almost everyone caught a fish or two, and I was lucky because I not only won the competition but also caught a very nice rainbow of 4lb 12oz which put up a very decent show on my four weight.

In  the end the results were:
Peter Macconnell three fish for 7lb 9oz.
Terry Denley five fish for 7lb 4oz.
David Lye four fish for 6lb 3oz.
Stuart Payne three fish for 4lb 5oz.
Peter Phillips three fish for 4lb 3oz.
So I won the bottle of wine and the 'Sweep' for the best fish. And about time too!

A 4lb 12oz rainbow for Peter

Boat arrangements for 2016

The new rolling ramp

Those members who were at the club meeting on Monday 14th March, and those who have subsequently read the minutes of that meeting will know that the boat fishing arrangements for this year have changed. The key features of the changes are as follows:

  • Richard Peel has taken over from Peter Macconnell as the coordinator/booker of the boats. So anyone wishing to use a boat should contact him.
  • There is a dedicated email address for booking. It is
  • Anyone who doesn't have email address can be given a mobile phone number to text a booking to.
  • The water level deemed safe for the boats to be taken out has been revised. It is now half a metre below the top of the slipway. This will mean that the boats can come into use at least a month earlier than was previously the case. In  fact by the time you read this they may be operational.
  • If you have used the boats before or have had the brief induction you can go ahead from now. If you are new to using the boats contact Richard and he will meet you and give you the induction immediately before your first trip. 
  • Members can book by email up to 48 hours in advance of when the want to go.
  • There will be an evening boat ticket this year at the cost of £5.00. This will only be available if the boats are not already booked for a full day.
  • The boats are now secured on a running mooring some way out from shore. and there is a new rolling pontoon to aid embarkation and disembarkation.
  • Permits and signing in forms will be in the Anglers Permit Hut in the yard by the Iron Store (big green corrugated building). 

Ramp in the foreground and boats on running mooring in background

Good fishing in 2016.

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