Sunday 4 October 2015

Brown Trout Bonanza from the boat

A pounder in the net
Friday 25th September turned out to be a comparatively mild and sunny day with a soft westerly wind of about six miles per hour. This was just enough for us to get a number of comfortable drifts. We started at 10.30am and fished until 5.00pm. In that time we had three rainbows (all kept) and sixteen brown trout (all returned). The best two or three brownies were all around a pound or a bit more. Here's how it happened.

We began in the back bay behind the Longstone Peninsula and were able to keep to a continuous drift along the eastern side shore all the way to the limit of where fishing is allowed on the edge of the Wildlife Protection Area. Occasionally we crossed over and drifted along in front of the 'Lawns'. In both areas we we quickly got in touch with fish; overwhelmingly brownies.

Another hard fighting little fish
All through the day there were flies on the water and fish showing to them. Firstly there were sedges and then there were some kind of terrestrial red/brown beetle type insects floating on the surface, presumably blown from the bank-side trees and bushes.  We were able to 'match' these flies by using small Invictas (both standard and pearly) and red Mini-Muddlers.

Mini-Muddler and Invicta
By fishing light rods were were able to present flies in the surface ripple; and ripple was all it was. I fished two flies on my 10 foot 4 weight  rod while Jon had a similar set-up on a 5 weight.

By the 'Lawns'
Having had such a day of brilliant sport we went back this last Friday 2nd October. There was much more wind from a cold easterly direction and waves that moved the boat much more quickly; we paid for forgetting to bring a drogue. When we packed up at 5.30pm we had two rainbows and not a single brown trout to show for our efforts. Oh well, we were lucky to get that Indian Summer day the week before.

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