Wednesday 23 July 2014

Barbel fishing on the Wye

My brother Chris regularly fishes the River Wye and on Monday took me barbel fishing on a Lower Wye day ticket water.

Chris had not been there before so it was going to be a first for him, too.  We set up with feeders and various flavoured baits.  The Wye is a big river for the UK - about 135 miles long and wanders back & forth across the Wales/England border in the lower reaches.

I didn't wait long before a hefty pull on the rod resulted in a 7lb 1oz barbel - a baitrunner fixed spool is pretty much essential! The Wye has a salmon run and several surged along the surface as they moved upstream.  There is also good head of brownies.

There is a public right of navigation downstream from Hay-on-Wye and canoeists appeared from time to time all travelling downstream. They are picked up at various places and taken back to their start point.

I finished the day with 5 barbel, a 3lb chub and a slimy eel.

First fish of the day - a 7lb barbel

Chris with a 7lb-er

My Kelly Kettle enjoying the view!

One of the hazards of fishing the Lower Wye!

Tea in hand and a bite straightaway.

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