Monday 19 May 2014

A Little More From The BFF Competition on 17 May

I met Peter at Longstone to buy my permit.  There was a good attendance from the BFF members and most if not all were fishing around Longstone.  I had not fished the west shore, where the boat is moored, for a long time and after a chat I headed over there parking at the boat slip.

The area recently cleared by Kit and his team did mean that I had no worries about my backcast catching a branch.  The gentle south or southeast breeze put a ripple on the surface although the sun was bright for most of the day. The water level was still high and only a foot or so below the sill on the dam.

I hooked five trout but landed just two. Both were stockies which went 1lb 4oz each.  Hardly any trout were rising but I did try a few casts with my favourite dry fly - an alder.  Nothing doing so it was a change to sub-surface nymphs.  The Daiwl Bach took the first fish soon after and I persevered with it for most of the day.  A slow retrieve on a floating line gave me at least two dozen tugs which I failed to convert to a fish.  I wondered if small brownies were responsible.  Several times the line was jerked back through the rings and I could not believe that they were'nt hooked! 

I packed up around 7pm and only saw one other angler over on the west bank - not a BFF member - who had a rainbow first cast the other side of a clump of willow from where I was fishing. 

Two stockies of 1lb 4oz each

The water was about a foot below the sill

Another brew looking across towards Longstone

The volcano effect!
The boat slip

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