Monday 14 October 2013

A limit bag for Pat wins the September Competition

See below for details

On Thursday 26th September, with Burrator water levels still quite low, a small group of members and one or two non-members, gathered along the south bank of the Longstone Peninsula. It was a pleasant day and fish were seen moving at the surface throughout.

Pat won the competition with a limit bag of five fish for a combined weight of  7lb 4oz. Peter Macconnell was second with three fish for 4lbs exactly. Peter Phillips was third with two fish for 2lb 8oz. These were in fact Peter P's first fish from Burrator so he was pleased enough to have 'broken his duck', as the saying goes. With an average weight of only 1lb 6oz it was obvious that all these rainbows were fairly recently stocked fish. Though they seemed in good condition and fought well for their size.

Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of the day was the fact that all the fish were taken on floating flies or flies fished just in the surface film. Pat caught his  on a floating sedge pattern and Peter M on a black CDC Hopper

The winning fly - Pat's Dry Sedge
CDC Hopper
Finally - If you were wondering about the first picture in this posting, it has nothing to do with the competition. It is something my wife brought home from Morrison's the other day. Burrator Ice Cream. Not the stuff that 'Mr. Jolly' sells, most days, from his van by the dam, but perfectly nice with a bit of apple pie all the same. - Peter

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