Tuesday 28 May 2013

Better fish from the boat

Mike Duckett fishing on the drift
So far the use of the Burrator boat has been less frequent than we hoped. This is largely due to the difficult weather conditions on many days when winds from the north-west have blown consistently over twenty mph with gusts between thirty-five, and forty-five mph, according to the Met Office. Certainly there have been 'White Horses' on the lake with some regularity. Of the eleven outings so far booked, five have had to be cancelled because of these winds.

Having written the above we can report that when anglers have been able to get out fish are being caught with regularity and a number of limit bags have been taken. This last weekend saw the best fish from the boat so far; a four pounder caught by Peter Macconnell  as part of a limit bag.

4lb 5oz to the Golden Olive Bumble

The killing fly

Peter plays the fish
Jon Perry on his way to a limit bag

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