Monday 29 April 2013

2013 Three Fly Competition

Peter Phillips with the best fish of the day - 5lb 13oz
This year's Three Fly Competition was held at Bake Lakes, Trerulefoot, Cornwall, on Saturday 20th April, and was attended by ten members. The day was dry and a bit overcast, and the water still had that tinge of colour that has been there since the heavy winter rains brought so much 'run-off' from the agricultural land around the lake. As a result it is still very difficult to see fish moving in the water. One hopes that this additional colouring of the water is not going to be a permanent feature of the lake. If it was it would certainly detract from our enjoyment of the fishing there.

As is usual at our competitions held away from Burrator the result is judged on the combined weight of a member's first two fish. This year's results were:

1st Peter Phillips with two fish for 7lb 10oz (best fish 5lb 13oz)
2nd Jack Flint with two fish for 6lb 11oz
3rd Peter Macconnell with two fish for 5lb 14oz
4th Mike Duckett with two fish for 4lb 13oz

Well done to Peter Phillips.

Mike Duckett with his two fish for 4lb 13oz

Numerous other fish were caught.

Also deserving of an honorable mention are Tony Vallack who generously supplied and prepared freshly cooked hot dogs and fried onions in the fishing hut at lunchtime and to Linda James who, once again, arrived with splendid cakes for everyone.

As to the flies, one pattern each was provided by Tony McCoy, Pat Power, and Peter Macconnell. They were Gold Headed Ginger Nymph (Tony), Hawthorn Fly (Pat), and Claret Pennell (Peter). So we had a weighted nymph to get deep, a traditional wet fly to fish sub-surface, and a dry fly/emerger for fishing on the top.

Gold Head Ginger Nymph (made with wool from Tony's wife's cardigan)
The Hawthorn Fly

Claret Pennell

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