Friday 1 March 2013

14th February at Rose Park

The best fish of the day - for Peter
Thursday 14th February 2013 began with torrential rain, However by the time our competition started at 10.00am the sky had cleared and the rest of the day was dry but pretty cold. Only five well wrapped up members managed to get themselves from in front of the fire and make it out to Altarnun to fish at Rose Park. There were fish to be caught, however, and all but one angler managed to do so. The competition, as ever, was for the best brace and this was won by Peter Macconnell with two trout for 6lbs exactly. The other catches were:
Mike Duckett  - 2 for 5lbs 4oz.
Tony Vallack  - 2 for 4lbs 6oz.
Tom Turner    - 1 for 2lbs 7oz.
Linda James had the rottenest luck of the day, having numerous takes and fish lost, only to come away with an  empty bag.
Three of us packed up early (Mike, Tony & Peter) and decided to visit the splendid tackle shop at the Homeleigh Garden Centre in Launceston. To quote Arthur Ransome of Swallows & Amazons fame:
"The pleasures of fishing are chiefly to be found in rivers, lakes and tackle shops and, of the three, the last are least affected by the weather. The sight of rods in a window brings a fisherman to a full stop...In such weather as we have been having, when fishing is all but impossible, a fishing-tackle-shop has a magnetic power that can be felt over a considerable area"  (from Rod & Line by Arthur Ransome, Oxford University Press, 1929).
Suffice it to say we came out poorer than when we went in.
The next competition is on Friday 15th March which is opening day at Burrator. See you there.

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