Wednesday 19 December 2012

Christmas Meal

Following on from our Christmas fishing competition held on Saturday 8th December (see previous post), we met for our Christmas meal at the Jack Rabbit Pub, Derriford, on the following Monday evening 10th December. Officially this was meant to be our last club meeting of the year but we soon got our one bit of business out of the way and settled down to a very decent meal and a few glasses of wine and beer.

It has been an interesting year for the club so everyone was in a positive mood about the future; a very marked contrast to this time last year. The fishing at Burrator has been the best for some years, a positive working relationship between the club and SWLT seems to have been reinstated, and there are one or two more postive developments on line for 2013 (more details at the AGM). Anyway this was an evening to to be cheerful and for one or two awards and raffle prizes to be handed out.

Tom & Linda share a joke
'Merry Christmas' Gentlemen
Tony with one of his many prizes
Tom with his prize for 'Best Fish Of The Year'

Mike says 'It was that big!' Frank is more interested in the menu.

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