Wednesday 26 September 2012

A Fernworthy Interlude

Although this blog is primarily about fishing at Burrator, our other local Dartmoor water, Fernworthy, has only three weeks to the end of its season. Because it is, along with Roadford and Colliford, a brown trout water, the last day is 12th October. Last year it fished very well during the final few weeks, so for anyone who fancies having a go here are a few pictures which, hopefully, capture something of what fishing at Fernworthy is like.



In terms of flies, what works at Burrator works at Fernworthy, especially small and black. What doesn't seem to work so well is a slow figure of eight retrieve. At Fernworthy pulling wet flies fairly quickly in a ripple/wave, or more or less static dry fly and emerger fishing in calmer conditions, are what has worked for me. There are good hatches most days and fish can be seen taking flies, however the lack of obvious surface activity should not put you off using dries and emergers.

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