Friday 6 July 2012

Burrator back 'On Form'

Since our somewhat dismal showing at the last club evening (see the previous post), Burrator has quickly got back to fishing well.

On the Friday 22nd June, only two days after our 'washout', Ken Hindley fished it and had his limit on dry fly (a small black gnat) in the bay on the north side of the peninsula. This has been followed by reports of lots more fish coming to anglers' nets, including two six pounders (best 6lbs 10oz).

I fished today and in a short session between 12 noon until 5 o'clock caught six fish, of which I kept only two, releasing the other four. I also lost two or three others including one that I played for what seemed like five minutes at least, and which eventually bent out the hook on my black hopper fly, having taken out the best part of my 30 yard fly line. All the others were typical Burrator rainbows of about a pound and a half, but full tailed and good fighters nevertheless.

My brace of 'keepers' - typical Burrator rainbows
I chanced to meet the 'Two Alans'; Alan Behan and Alan Lawson who are regular fishers at Burrator and both have taken on the role of volunteer bailiff. A nicer couple of chaps one couldn't wish to meet and, it turned out, they are the two anglers who caught six pounders in recent weeks. If you are fishing Burrator this season you are bound to come across them. Please cooperate with them if they ask to see your permit. This initiative is, in my view, very welcome and,with luck, might really help to reduce 'poaching' on the water.

As to flies, most of my fish today were taken on a small black hopper (size 14) that, in the end, was so busted up from being attacked by the trout that it lost its 'legs'. I also had a couple of fish on a fly that has no official name, but I call it the 'Orange Hill Special'. It was tied by Tom Hill who runs Fishing for Heroes down here in Devon (see website link).

The 'legless' Hopper

The Orange Hill Special

The other thing about Burrator at the moment is how high the water level is. I can never remember it being so full at this time of the year. Here is a picture of some more of the stuff going in.

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